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  • Writing Innovations & the Importance of Writing
    Creating is a wonderful thing. Pupils in elementary schools learn how to compose when they are young. First they learn the alphabet, before they could place each of those single letters into full words. Then, after knowing how the words, the young minds incorporate those words into full sentences. After incorporating words into complete sentences, they begin comprising compositions. In elementary structure lessons, the students, in essence, read more
  • Learn to read with a dog

    A dog doesn't judge you, doesn't correct you. He just listens to you. To help young children develop their reading skills, it can become a valuable ally.

    For four years, the students of the Montessori school in the Outaouais have had the privilege of reading to Maki, a bouledogue francais, approved by the READ program, who regularly visits them with his teacher, Johanne Demers.

    read more
  • Cartoon Drawing Books and The best way to Profit From It
    Cartoon artists began their drawing careers at a very early age. Some started out drawing their first characters before they have even written their names or their very first words. Some other took it as a profession using professional drawing products pens, boards, figurine mannequins and many more for every specialty of drawing cartoon, drawing figure or drawing manga.read more
  • Reduce the Impact of Books Packaging & Shopping Bags
    Nowadays everybody have become conscious about the disposable plastic bags of books in my case of shopping behavior, why they are harmful and what has been done in areas around the world to get rid of them. Now it is time to take a look at what can be done individually to reduce the impact they are having on the environment. We already know that it is important to stop using them and use re-usable bags instead, but what about the ones we already read more
  • Unsustainable Consumption of Paper Cups
    Millions of people around the world enjoy the simple pleasure of getting a coffee. Maybe a latte, cappuccino, or tea is more to your taste. Whether it’s an occasional treat or multiple times a day, visiting a local cafe or Starbucks, we beat a path to grab some quick and tasty caffeine. But stop. Before you roll up that rim to win, you need to stop and think. Because our love affair with coffee on the go has a dark side. Every time your hot read more
  • The First Ever E-Book Reader
    Now days is a a usual thing to find an eBook reader or not even need one with modern smartphones but back in 2004 it was a first when Sony LIBRIe (The first ever E-Ink e-Book Reader) a Philips, Sony and E-Ink have come together to announce the Worlds first consumer application of an electronic paper display module in the Sony LIBRIé e-Book reader. The black and white ink-on-paper look of the plastic display film is 170 pixels per inch (PPI) and read more