Learn to read with a dog

learn to read with a french bulldog

A dog doesn’t judge you, doesn’t correct you. He just listens to you. To help young children develop their reading skills, it can become a valuable ally.

For four years, the students of the Montessori school in the Outaouais have had the privilege of reading to Maki, a bouledogue francais, approved by the READ program, who regularly visits them with his teacher, Johanne Demers.

Writing Innovations & the Importance of Writing

Writing Innovations

Creating is a wonderful thing. Pupils in elementary schools learn how to compose when they are young. First they learn the alphabet, before they could place each of those single letters into full words. Then, after knowing how the words, the young minds incorporate those words into full sentences. After incorporating words into complete sentences, … Read more Writing Innovations & the Importance of Writing